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Sport Specific Training | General weight loss and muscle gain | Mobility 


Like everyone I started somewhere, I had been very active from a young age but like the majority I went through a lot of unhealthy phases too! With the right group of people by my side I was coached and taught well, pushed beyond my limits, and learnt how to train. It was at this point I started to learn about h health and fitness and se it in a different light.

I was addicted to achieving new movements, I got satisfaction with seeing what my body could actually do! Then the results came, this made me feel amazing and I was hooked, shadowing and still being coached by my coaches I had in the UK have taught me a lot of what I know today. I always want and am interested in learning more so I spend most nights studying or educating myself in other ways to further my knowledge. 

It was at this moment I wanted to help others live a healthier and stronger life and so I did. I am now stronger than I have ever been, happy doing something I enjoy and I love my body more and more everyday


I offer block sessions and online Coaching packages which include of: 

- A tailored program (adapted and amended)

- Nutritional Support 

- Follow Up meetings 

- Assessments 

- Educational Material (upon request) 

If you are fully committed to taking on a new challenge or ready to start something that's going to help you grow for the better? then this is for you. Whats your goal?