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Firstly, I am no gymnast but I am obsessed with the human body how it moves, adapts and the physics and anatomy behind it, this amazing read by Dr. Dave Tiley covers just that!

Although the study is based around gymnastics as a sport, the knowledge provided within this book can be applied to other disciplines and training as a whole.
Some of my favourite chapters were:
- The update of flexibility and stretching methods

Energy Systems Training and Metabolic Performance 

- Evolving Strength and Conditioning to a Hybrid Model that Blends Expert Opinion and Current Science 

- Sports medicine
Constructing Positive Training Environments and Cultures over Toxic Environment’s 

I would highly recommend this read to anyone who already has a deep understanding of the human body and energy systems and is serious about furthering their knowledge.  



An oldie but a Goldie! This book is an amazing read for anyone wanting to get serious about their training journey and become a master of their own movement patterns.  Dr Kelly Starrett breaks down all the vital strength based movements and how to create optimal force with the correct form in order to move and live pain free. The book really helps you to understand mobility and movement with its easy approach to training. 



An artist I admire! This book is exactly what we need within the pole and aerial industry. With aerial arts being a new and up and coming sport there is a lack the resources available to read. 
This delightful read covers areas specific towards upside down sports with an awesome color coded difficulty scale for each exercise. 
This book is a must for anyone passionate about aerial arts and is wanted to either protect themselves from future injuries when looking to take their training to the next level, or for those looking to treat their injuries

Class Finds 


I am not particularly a huge fan of classes, the reason being is that sometimes many generic fitness classes lack true concept and training in them. As a society we have got soo used to fad words such as HIT, booty burn and fat burn. 99% of the times these misleading classes will not get you to reach your goal. On another note a HIT class should not be an hour long, if anything you are just getting your heart rate up a little and doing steady state cardio. In addition to this, in these classes the exercises included are not effective let alone something to be considered a 'High Intensity' movement.

Next time you walk into a class and see a movement such as a forward lunch with a bicep curl included you should probably walk straight back out. 
In addition to that, if you are going to these classes thinking that you are going to build some serious muscle then you are mistaken. 

Enough of me rambling on, there are however some incredible classes out there and I would like to share them with you and why I think they are great! (I would also like to mention that these are not "sponsored" posts, these are truly my own recommendations for classes which I have paid to attend) 



Sima Performing Arts - Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz


I am no dancer but love the classes that Sima performing arthold, I can incorporate many movements, transitions and floor work that I learnt onto the pole which is what I love the most about it. It has made me a better dancer overall in what I do. I would suggest that if you have 0 background in dance that you should probably start with some private/semi privates at first as the class is quite fast pace, the movements may also be difficult if you can't pick up things quickly, especially the floor work which takes time and practice to master well. 


Motion Cycling - The Oberoi Center, Business Bay

Wow! As soon as I walked into this class the vibe was awesome! Some might think it's a little extra, a blacked out room where you can only see some candles and the instructor but I found that I completely zoned out. It was just me and that bike.
Alongside that the energy of t
he instructor was amazing. Which is exactly what you need sometimes when you are cycling non stop for 45minutes. This steady state cardio class really got me breaking a sweat!


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