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Zoom Flexibility Classes



Is this for me?

This class is perfectly scalable for all levels. 

As a coach I strive to give my students the knowledge they need in order for them to excel independently. My classes are very technical and detailed and I ensure that each student is pushed and challenged. I encourage my students to learn and take their training into their own hands whilst helping them to connect and further understand their bodies. 


Class Focus and Structure 

The structured class includes a in depth warm up focusing on various active holds and stability drills in order to create beautiful and strong lines. We will dig deep into small muscle groups, activation techniques, Isometric holds, core work also including multiple leg lifts in all angles.
The class will finish with specific static stretches where we will also apply PNF to our holds

What time is the class? 

Mondays at 7pm Dubai Time (4pm UK) 

Wednesdays at 7pm Dubai Time (4pm UK)


What does the Online Flexibility package offer?

Packages will include access to:

  • Live Zoom Sessions

  • Zoom Recordings of each class that will be sent out to you via Dropbox. 

  • A WhatsApp Community support group

Do I need any equipment?
No, however a Yoga Matt, yoga blocks and some resistance bands would be ideal. As you progress you may also want to invest in some Ankle weights. 


You will receive an email to the same email address you used to pay on paypalonce you have made your purchase. 
If you did not ld receive an email or would like any more information prior to payment please email


8 Class Pack


- Access to 2 live classes per week 
- Recordings of all the classes

*Please note you will have 6 weeks to complete your package from the date of purchase.
550AED ($150) 

8 Class Package


24 Class Pack


- Access to 40 live Classes
- Access to all recordings.

*Please note you will have 6 Months to complete your package from the date of purchase 

1,320AED ($360)

6 Month

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