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  • Melissa Sidki

Who am I?

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

I was born in Antalya Turkey and grew up in the UK in a small town called Kent.

I would say that I have always been "tomboy", I can't remember a period where I wasn't involved in sports in one way or the other. From kicking footballs around the neighborhood to participating in the schools sports teams, from netball and rounders to football and the schools athletic team as the 200 and 100m Runner. I also participated in after school activities such as dance and swimming.

At the age of 13 I started going to body pump along with my Mum I'm not going to lie it was bloody dreadful, it was at the age of 14 I discovered Pole after being inspired by some Youtube videos I saw of some Polers, I wanted to be like those girls, although back then it was simply a small after school activity I would attend for an hour a week, I pushed my hardest each week to master every single move I was taught.

My parents wouldn't let me buy a pole at home and alongside that, it took a month for me a month to persuade my dad for me to start pole. I snuck out to my first class.

(Just to put things into perspective in 2009 the most impressive move was probably a shoulder mount and a handspring, imagine!)

I started to teach pole at the age of 15 at a studio called Fit2Flirt in Kent, my heart will always be with that studio and how much I grew as a person there. (Thank you Lisa and Tink!)

But, I wanted more. I then decided to start Crossfit at the age of 16.

Luckily I had the most incredible coach who inspired me, pushed me and had a deep understanding of the human body and training (I don't think I have met anyone who has surpassed his knowledge). It was then that I became obsessed with what my body could do and how much I could push it. I was hooked to working out and eating "clean", I kept asking questions in class to further my knowledge, I stayed behind to focus on accessory work and would sometimes call into sick to my small part time job so I could train after school.

I started to balance pole with Crossfit, trying to excel in them both. It was at the age of 17 I wanted my next challenge. I competed in my first (and last) bodybuilding competition, being the youngest person on stage out of 200 Women I didn't stand a chance, my muscles were still developing and they were not as matured as the older women. Within the same year I studied and got all my qualifications under my belt in order to become a PT and towards the end of the year I competed and placed 2nd in the Miss Pole Dance UK Pro competition with my doubles partner where we also won best tricks and entertainers.

I went straight into working for myself as a freelance PT. During the next 2 years I trained many people, I put all my effort into seeing them succeed. I prepared some for marathons, bodybuilding competitions and helped many gain confidence, become fit and in shape. I grew as a person and realized that the key to training and a clients progress came down to 2 things, how much one can adapt to change and improve their mental state. A positive mind meant growth and tremendous amounts of it. As I coached this is what I became fascinated by the most.

2 years passed, I decided that if I stayed in Kent there wasn't much opportunity for growth left. I was 20 and decided to move to Dubai.

Again, I had to face another conversation with my parents in letting me just pack up my life and move to this country that I had no idea about with no secure job in line for me.

In October 2016, I was on the plane on my travels, thinking to myself that what I was doing was no a big deal, I was soo calm, I mean if I didn't like it I would just go back home, yet I were to find out there were a whole world outside from my little town in the UK.

I landed in Dubai, It felt soo surreal, almost like I was in a dream, I felt overwhelmed and found it hard to find my way, make friends and get my career started. I moved 4 times in the space of 3 months, unsettled was an understatement.

I was a yes person, a hard worker, restless, open minded and would bend over backwards to make things work, my passion and drive was soo strong that I would force things to happen even if they may not have made sense at the time. I was promised a lot of benefits and got screwed over by many people.

It was after a some time I found my feet, made friends, I started teaching at PoleFit Dubai, life was good.

Cut a long story short, there was a fitness exhibition called the Dubai Muscle Show happening in December 2017, without going into details, the organizer of the event came up to me and asked me if I wanted one of the stands there.

With 4 months to the event I had no idea what to do with it. So I decided to organize a pole competition, The Dubai Pole Cup.

It was an incredible turnout, our first event had 50+ national and international athletes attend and we a name for ourselves within the industry. This was the first ever Pole Competition in the Middle East and where there were Women and Men on poles showing the pure beauty and talent of this sport to the public. This already in itself was a big step forward in helping people change their perception of Pole dancing. Things started to progress from then In the next 2 years we partnered with brands such as Dove, Monviso and Dragonfly Brand to mention a few. We made our mark. In the third year we introduced the DPC Retreat, an all inclusive package holiday tailored for athletes and movement/pole enthusiasts to unite and share their passion with likeminded individuals. World class artists and award winning athletes travelled to the UAE to host their workshops and together, we explored Dubai.

I could say that I felt like my life was running at 100mph over the past few years, It felt like yesterday was when I first walked into my first pole class, so I felt as though I hit a little plateau after the event.

I took the this time to think about what direction I could see myself heading in the next 5 years.

Which brings me to this blog, although I have many hopes and dreams for Pole cup and the retreat in the future and I love what I do as my day to day. I decided that I want to create this site because I truly love to share. I found writing as my therapy, I want to talk and express my knowledge and my passion in a way in which I felt as though I couldn't do in my day to day life.

I hope that by my site I can inspire others to chase their passion, be fearless and always strive to do more. I am unsure of what will come from this, but I am excited for the future.

Below are some images of me competing in pole and my bikini competition, myself with my coach and from the first day I landed in Dubai (hanging on a rope in skydive Dubai) to the Pole Cup and DPC Retreat.

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