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  • Melissa Sidki

The Pole Cup - Why did I do it?

The 2022 pole cup is just around the corner. (In 2 Weeks to be exact) With all the organizing and planning it had got me thinking, why do I continue to run and organize the Pole Cup.

When I first moved to Dubai one of the things I missed the most was the unity of the aerial culture and the artistic and edgy community we have back in the UK. Don’t get me wrong, I have met some absolutely INCREDIBLE polers in Dubai and I am soo grateful for Vlada and Michelle for welcoming me in to their studio with such open arms, but I wanted to create noise and bring an event to this region that would inspire people from all across the Middle East, of which it did.

My team and myself have helped in accelerating pole as a sport, an art form, and have made a tremendous impact too many women within the Middle East that had been afraid to try something new or hide their hobbies behind closed doors. From being located within an exhibition to now becoming a stand alone event we had opened the eyes to what pole truly is to the public.

Unlike the UK in the UAE there isn’t yet a government entity that supports or funds artistic events like ours, therefore trying to pull off an event like this has been a hard but a rewarding experience from our first competition in 2017.

Aside from all the rules and regulation that need to be met, licensing, finding sponsors, managing athletes, planning event day, stage and lighting, managing staff, accommodating our judges and the endless amount of work that needs to be done to make this event happen sometimes makes me think, why do I continue to organize it?

There are a few reasons.

  1. For the sport and to see it evolve. Watching the athletes grow each year Is truly incredible and to physically see the skill level and bar get raised each year is mind blowing.

  2. For others. To give the athletes of our sport a platform to show their talent, be creative and express themselves through pole and aerial.

  3. For the community. To accelerate the growth of the sport and provide a platform where our athletes can unite, learn from each other, make friendships and network at our event and retreat.

  4. To work towards our main vision of what we want the Pole Cup to become.

When we see the excitement, the happiness, the tears, the battles, the persistence, the courage and the smiles of each and every athlete on stage it speaks volumes about what we have created and supports where our vision for Pole Cup is heading.

We have attracted athletes from over 17 countries with no ongoing funding, help and support.

Sometimes money is not the answer. Emotions, feelings and passion can be the fuel to create something special and powerful. Satisfaction does not have to come from making millions, rewards and incentives do not have to be monetary when you have found your why and what attaches you to your true self.

What I mean by this is that seeing the athletes compete reminds me of soo many milestones, memories and achievements I had faced growing up. (This can be another blog in itself)

I wish at times I could go above and beyond to turn my ideas into reality I wish I could offer more to our athletes and to the event in order to accelerate what mine and my partners visions are.

When I started to compete in the UK I felt that there seemed to be something missing from competitions.

What I can say is that I will never let Pole Cup to turn into a regulated, boring, text book style event, I want to keep it street, urban, loud, fun and be the underdog of all aerial events.

I believe that people can see straight through someones desires and if we stay true to our vision and why, Pole Cup will become something incredible.

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