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Bring out your inner athlete

I want you to close your eyes and imagine yourself working out. What's your attitude like? What are you doing? How do you feel? What's your goal?

I want you to visualize and get that fire burning inside of you, get all that excitement and energy pumping that's been pushed aside.

You might be reading this blog because you may have lost your motivation in the gym, you may be struggling to start working out, you may even be starting a new sport and are frustrated that you are simply not picking it up as quick as you would like.

Whatever the reason is, I've been there.

We can all be athletes, we can all achieve anything that we want when we truly set our mind to it. You can do the splits, you can lift 4x your bodyweight, you can hold a human flag, you can backflip, you can do amazing things when you just believe in yourself!

At times training can most defiantly become mundane even for pro athletes, there will be days where you don't feel like working out or are "not in the mood", it's normal. My goal is to help you to get that excitement back, get you back "in the mood", and get you training hard again.

I believe there are 3 factors that can really keep us motivated and inspired to train.


Let's face it if you're already in abit of a funk the chances are you're not really going to be looking forward to waking up a 6am to get that workout in. But, if you have habit it will override any excuse you have. Habit will sustain you whether you feel inspired or not.

Consistency creates habit. You must repeat any habit with a routine that will move you.

Don’t think, just do it.

This can be something soo simple as creating a small routine that you would do before you workout, whether its listening to a specific song thats going to get you out of the bed and excited to start the day, having your morning coffee, reading. It can also be something like committing yourself to a class every week. Whatever the routine is hold onto those small habits and feelings until they become second nature. Before you know it you won't think twice about working out you will already be there. It will just happen.


Damn training is hard. But, you know what's even harder? giving up.

No matter how hard a workout is, I just can't give up. To walk away knowing that I didn't give something my best shot just kills me. I'm sure it's the same for you too.

We all want to give up when things get tough, I mean why should we take the hard route when there may be an easier option right? But the truth is the easier route is not going to get you to where you want to be. To that vision you had.

Our mind starts to play tricks on us when we are out of our comfort zone, It's only when you get past that moment where you feel like giving up the results start happening.

You will be amazed with really how much your body can handle and push, you will discover a strength you never thought you had, you will do things that you never thought were possible and you will become so self aware with your body and how it moves.

Next time you are about to stop mid work out, push on. I guarantee you that your body has way more to give.

Your emotional strength is the core of your inner athlete, Feel it. Whether it's happiness, fear, anger, excitement take it to that workout, to that last rep and use it as fuel to push past any challenge that comes your way.


What's your A game? What gets you going pre workout? Is it your music? Is it what you're wearing and how you feel in those clothes? Is it the workout itself? Is it the excitement of learning something new?

What is it that gives you that tunnel vision and gets you focused? Mines my music.

Finding something that gets you going really does help, something like creating a new playlist, tracking your progress or recording results can help keep you motivated and excited. You might be one who likes to set workout goals for yourself. These feelings can push you though any workout that you may have. Do it pre workout and walk into that game, sport or class ready to take it on.

Remember it's you against you and no one will be able to motivate you and get you on track but yourself.

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