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What is it? 

The Dubai Pole Cup is the First and Largest pole dance competition hosted within the Middle East, Asia and Africa hosted in the United Arab Emirates. The event is made possible by a passionate team and independent sponsors that believe in the future of the pole industry. 

The competition debuted at the Dubai Muscle Show the largest Fitness exhibition in the Middle East 3 years ago. 

In the past three editions, DPC has attracted local and international athletes from over 15 Countries, partnered up with major brands such as Dove, X-Pole and Dragonfly to mention a few. 

Our Vision

Pole is an ever-evolving sport that promotes strength, agility and choreography among athletes of various disciplines. Despite its dynamic nature it hasn't received the recognition it truly deserves and yet tends to go unrecognized by the larger sports community. We strive to develop the aerial industry not only through our physical event and retreats by building the bridge between traditional aerial sports and urban street art.

  • Expand the impact of our brand across the world..

  • We aim to organize a series of global championships across various cities. 

  • We aim at being the catalyst that enables our athletes to unlock their true potential. 


Professional Women

Winner - Zhang Yuxin (China) 

1st Runner Up - Polina Serdyuk (Russia) 
2nd Runner Up - Tjasa Dobravex (Slovenia)

Professional Men

Winner - Teng Siwen (China) 

1st Runner Up - Zheng Yaliu (China) 
2nd Runner Up - Liou Xiyou (China)


Winner - Adriana Dimitrova (Bulgaria) 

1st Runner Up - Cassie Hubbard (United Kingdom) 
2nd Runner Up - Jinan Taqi (Kuwait)


Winner - Nancy Hassan (Egypt) 

1st Runner Up - Tatyana Mikhalyova (Kazakhstan) 
2nd Runner Up - Sumana Mitra (India)


Winners - Sun Wenzhu and Song Xumei (China) 

Runners Up - Wang Siyu and Meng Huachun (China) 


Winner - Huang Qianyao (China) 

1st Runner Up - Yang Luyao (China) 
2nd Runner Up - Wang Siyu (China)


Professional Women

Winner - Ekaterina Rostov (Russia) 

1st Runner Up - Polina Serdyuk (Russia) 
2nd Runner Up - Siriporn Pumwiset (Thailand)


Winner - Alisa Sorokina (Russia) 

1st Runner Up - Eszter Varga (Hungry) 
2nd Runner Up - Daria Edyarodovna (Russia)


Winner - Sharon Soldner (USA) 

1st Runner Up - Ania Werwa (Poland) 
2nd Runner Up - Jinan Taqi (Kuwait)


Professional Women

Winner - Ekaterina Rostov (Russia) 

1st Runner Up - Anna Lyapunova (Russia) 
2nd Runner Up - Lenka Redkaya (Russia)

Professional Men

Winner - Stephan Butcykin (Russia) 

1st Runner Up - Louis Sue (Singapore) 
2nd Runner Up - Fabrico Antonio (Italy)


Winner - Olya Jenta (Russia) 

1st Runner Up - Oksana Dosycheva (Russia) 
2nd Runner Up - Monia Goczol (Poland)


Winner - Fereshteh Kani (Iran) 

1st Runner Up - Tatsiana Radchenko (Russia) 
2nd Runner Up - Sheena Hembrador (Philippines

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