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INRU - We give you the tools, you make the change.


INRU Stands for INNER U.


From the endorphin kick you get from working out, to the habits you have created and the choices you have made.

It's YOU.


You want to learn, you want to grow and you're already on the path to self-discovery.


That's why it's INRU. Because it's always been

you against you.


INRU is a series of intensive retreats based around ones health, mind and body.


The retreats are designed to give individuals the knowledge and fundamentals for them to learn new practices, skills, and methods alongside providing the groundwork for them to apply and incorporate their learnings into their day to day lives.


Ultimately, INRU aims to help its students grow and dig deeper into themselves by bringing out ones motive, potential, drive, and inner strength whilst giving people a chance to explore new places and connect with like minded individuals with similar interests to them.


The 4 day Program is designed to give you the knowledge and foundation to train efficiently and lead a healthier lifestyle yourself without having to rely on a trainer for your success.

The intensive retreat is filled with multiple training sessions, in depth seminars on nutrition and training and workshops on lifestyle, goal  setting and habits for you to leave with a deeper understanding of what fitness and health is to you and the tools to put it into practice.


Seminar 1

  • What is optimal health

  • Dispelling some myths and misconceptions on  Nutrition

  • What do all diets have in common

  • what is the best diet for fat loss

  • some of my rules to ensure you lose bodyfat and improve health at the same time ( which will include flexible dieting versus rigid dieting and building a better relationship with food)


Seminar 2

  • How to create a calorie deficit

  • Tracking and non tracking methods to fat loss

  • what is the best way to assess results

  • Diet breaks- a great tool on your fat loss journey

  • Exit strategies for after the diet is over - how can you maintain results longterm

  • Q+A


Seminar 3

  • Special considerations for females (nutritional interventions)

  • what to do around the mensural cycle

  • PCOS

  • Improving cholesterol and cardiovascular disease

  • Type 2 diabetes

  • Q+ A


Seminar 1

Strength, Stress adaptation and training

program skills

  • Importance of strength training for the  everyday person

  • GAS Principle

  • RPE training model

  • Training Philosophy

  • Principles and methods for program design


Seminar 2

Energy Systems and Substrate Utilisation

  • EAT vs NEAT vs EPOC

  • Anaerobic System

  • Aerobic System

  • HR Training Zones

  • Fuel Sources

  • Fuel Utilization during different types of exercise intensity


Seminar 3

Biomechanics, movement skills and body intelligence

  • The science of movement

  • Planes of movement

  • Law of the lever

  • Centre of mass/Centre of gravity

  • Progressions and regressions using biomechanics

  • Intrinsic and extinsic movement feedback


The brochure itself held exciting seminar topics and training sessions but the full experience was on another level. At the end of each day it left me re-evaluating my current practices.  

All the coaches were very generous with sharing their knowledge, experiences and discussing relevant topics with the group. 

It will defiantly change you, I highly recommend. 



This experience was ultimately illuminating for me. I’ve learned more in four days about than I’ve learned in many years of training.


Not only were the coaches generous with the amount of information provided, but also managed to focus on each of our individual strengths and weaknesses.


I was not only taught how to goal set but a step by step path on how to achieve them.


I highly recommend this retreat to each and every individual whether they are into fitness, or merely want to live a better life!

I will definitely be joining this retreat again.


All i can say is thank you!

honestly you are changing peoples lives with this retreat.

I have learnt soo much about myself that it has changed my outlook on fitness as a whole for sure. 

I will always be grateful for this retreat. 


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