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Online Aerial
Conditioning Classes


Is this for me?

Is this for me?

This class focuses on increasing one's strength for aerial arts and is perfectly scalable for all levels, all exercises will be progressive and regressed when needed.

The core fundamentals and conditioning elements are always dismissed or forgotten about in any sport, even though they are highly important for us in order to excel. 

We as athletes do not fail because our skill level is low, but because we have not built our strength and stamina in order to perform those skills in a more demanding environment.

As a coach I strive to give my students the knowledge they need in order for them to excel independently. My classes are very technical and detailed and I ensure that each student is pushed and challenged. I encourage my students to learn and take their training into their own hands whilst help them to connect and further understand their bodies. 


Class Focus and Structure 

From building scapular and hip strength and function, to increasing core stability and core strength, glute activation and soo much more! This class will concentrate on all of the areas needed for to progress in our sport and test your mind to body connection. 

The class will cover exercises to help improve push, pull and press strength and ability through lateral, frontal and transverse exercises. 

This sport specific class will help you to unlock your true fitness foundation and put your strength to the test.


What time is the class? 

Sundays at 7pm Dubai Time (5pm UK) 

Wednesdays at 7pm Dubai Time (5pm UK)


What do the Online Aerial Conditioning Classes offer?

Packages will include access to:

  • Live Zoom Sessions

  • Zoom Recordings of each class that will be sent out to you via Dropbox. 

  • A monthly training program that is changed each month and linked to YouTube Tutorials. 

  • A WhatsApp Community support group

  • A Support Journey sheet


Do I need any equipment?
No, however a Yoga Matt, yoga blocks and some resistance bands would be ideal. As you progress you may also want to invest in some Ankle weights.

However if you do have a home gym i.e a pull up bar, weights, dip bar etc progressive and regressive exercises will be shown and given to you during class if needed.

What package should I go for?

Although you will receive a monthly program, you will improve at a far quicker pace if you decide to go for the 8 class pack and attend 2 classes per week. Building strength is not easy, therefore the more time you are able to put into training and at a more consistent rate means that getting results will be far quicker.  

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4 Class Package


4 Class Package


4 Class Package

- Access to 1 live class per week
- 1 Recording of the same class

*Please note you will have 5 weeks to complete your package from the date of purchase 

250AED (50GBP) 


8 Class  Package 


8 Class Package

- Access to 2 live classes per week 
- Recordings of all the classes

*Please note you will have 6 weeks to complete your package from the date of purchase.
500AED (100GBP) 

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